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Welcome To Alabaster Fragrance

We are pleased to present Alabaster Fragrance, a range of high quality perfume versions that match designer fragrances in everything except for cost. Now you can afford to use expensive scents regularly at a fraction of the cost of original versions.

When you wear Alabaster fragrances only your purse will know the difference

Our perfumes compare favourably with the popular brands in the market including: CKI, Beautiful, Poison, Chanel Nº5, Tendre Poison, Anais Anais, Drakka Noir, Opium. Find your favourite fragrance here!

Every bottle of Alabaster Fragrance has a bible verse that can be sown into the hearts of your friends. Take advantage of our world map wall sticker to bless a friend with a gift and share the gospel today! If you have a church f礙te or jumble sale coming soon, check out our super value package deals

Are you wondering how do we manage to keep prices down? It's simple. Eternity by Calvin Klein, White Linen by Estée Lauder, Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche, Opium by Yves Saint Laurent... The bottle, the packaging, the essence and, of course, the name are part and parcel of a designer fragrance but when you apply it, product marketing and advertising don't matter. The important thing is the quality of the scent.

Alabaster fragrances are made with the finest quality ingredients. Guaranteed long lastingly delicious, our fragrances are free from animal extracts and guaranteed non-staining.

When you wear Alabaster, only your purse will know the difference

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