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Car Insurance For The Hectic World We Live In

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In this hectic world in which we live, we are often on the move and no more so than during our daily lives.

Whether we are going to and fro from home to work or picking up our children from school or on a family outing more often than not we will drive a car.

car insurance
car insurance: pixabay

As everyone knows more and more vehicles are taking to the roads in the UK every year, so potentially there is increased chance of being involved in an accident, or being in need of breakdown recovery assistance.

So, when you are considering the type of car insurance you need you really need to get the best that is on the market to give you full protection.

The most effective way to do this is by getting yourself insured with a fully comprehensive insurance policy.

The name itself says it all, fully comprehensive is the very top in any policy that you can purchase.

It is well-known to give you a level of protection that far exceeds either of the other two types of insurance, third-party fire and theft and third-party only.

Unlike the other policy types, fully comprehensive does what it says it will do in that it gives you full protection, along with additional extras such as inclusive breakdown cover,

windscreen replacement or repair and possibly a courtesy vehicle if your car needs to be repaired after being involved in an incident or accident.

If for any reason after an accident the car insurance company decides the car is not worth repairing, then it will ‘write’ the car off.

They then look to pay what the market value of the car would be at that time, less any excesses, voluntary or compulsory, you might have on your policy, but often than not they will offer a like-for-like vehicle, the reason this is done is to negate the views people have over the market value of their car.

In the event of an accident which is deemed your fault a fully comprehensive car insurance will compensate you,

but there is something you should keep in mind when making a claim on your policy, any claim you make may have a detrimental effect on your no claims bonus and this could affect your payments when it comes to taking out your next car insurance policy.

But there is a way you can keep your no claims bonus or discounts intact and that is by having appropriate ‘no claims bonus protection’ in place so that when you apply for your next insurance policy you will still be able to use your no-claims discount.

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The cost of having a protected no claims discount needs to be considered carefully. It could potentially be more expensive to have it included within your policy than make a claim, more especially if your car has a low market value.

Having fully comprehensive insurance also has other benefits such as enabling you to drive another vehicle, with the permission of the other car owner, albeit with third-party only insurance cover.

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