affordable car insurance
affordable car insurance: pixabay

How to find affordable car insurance – a Guide

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It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a car insurance policy that is affordable enough and provides enough coverage. However, if you do your research correctly,

you’ll definitely find the insurance that’ll be just right for you.
You will have to put in some effort though: canvassing, weighing the options, weighing protection as well as affordability.

affordable car insurance
affordable car insurance: pixabay

Remember that “”affordable”” is a relative term: what might be expensive for you might be affordable for someone else. Just make sure that you consider all offers you get regarding your own financial capabilities and insurance needs.

Weighing the Options

The idea behind insurance is to give you peace of mind by buying protection beforehand in the event of an accident/breakdown. In the US, car insurance is required in 47 of the 50 states, so you’ll pretty much be required to get insurance if you plan to drive in this country.

Laws vary from state to state as to how much protection you should get. It is prudent to check your state’s minimum requirements if you’re on a tight budget and can afford only the minimum insurance cover. Seek extra cover only if you can afford it.

Your driving records, as well as the car you drive, will affect the premiums insurance companies will offer you, so you’ll have to weigh a lot of options if you’re determined to get the best possible deal.

Typically, if you have a car equipped with the latest security and safety features, your premiums will go down. New car owners invariably pay less in premiums than those with older cars.

Your driving record affects your premiums too. If you’ve had several infringements against your record, especially severe offenses like DUI, speeding, etc., you’ll find it hard to get cheap insurance cover.

Insurance packages will vary in the degree of protection they offer and the areas they cover. Some policies even include medical expenses in case of an accident, while there are several others with specific procedures to help you in case of a collision with an uninsured motorist.

Making the final decision

Ideally, you should get the most comprehensive insurance cover that you can afford – something that gives you complete peace of mind in the event of an accident or breakdown.

But at the same time, you should remember not to overpay and bust your pocket – it is better to meet the minimum insurance requirements in your state than be broke with thousands of dollars in debt by overpaying for your insurance.

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Look for companies that offer discounts for multiple cars. Many families these days have more than one car, and several insurance companies have come up with plans that include low premiums if you get both your cars insured through them.

Also, there are a few companies that will offer you discounts if you get your home as well as car insurance from them. Consider this option if you’re a homeowner shopping for a car as well as home insurance together.

Last, but not the least, don’t forget the real reason for getting insurance: to save money. If you’re underinsured, you’ll find that you’ll have to pay way more in the event of an accident or breakdown than what you would have to pay for your premiums.

By being underinsured, you’ll put yourself at financial risk. Get adequate coverage that you can afford – but don’t over do it if you don’t have the extra cash to spend.

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