insurance for young driver
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Insurance for young drivers – How to save on cost

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With accidents being so prevalent among young drivers in the UK, finding motor insurance at all can sometimes be difficult.

Finding cheap premiums looks pretty much impossible, but do not be discouraged by one or two quotes because the costs vary hugely.

Some companies are just not interested in taking the risk so their premiums are so ridiculous that no-one would take them up on it.

insurance for young driver
insurance for young driver: pixabay

Several of the major insurance companies will no longer insure drivers 17 years of age but there are many who actually specialize in this field.

When it comes to finding insurance, young drivers will have to search the internet and compare lots of companies, but there are other things you can do as well.

Insurance For Young Drivers – Taking advantage Of The Internet
The internet is full of motor insurance companies that may be willing to provide insurance cover for new and young drivers.

In some cases you can get a ten percent discount for buying any cover online, because this helps to keep down the overheads of the insurer. You can also find companies that will compare quotes from several different insurance companies making it easier to locate the cheapest offer.

How To Improve The Odds of Finding Cheap Insurance
It usually appears that cheap insurance and young drivers really do not belong in the same sentence.

However, there are some things you can do to make your premiums cost less. For a start, you can take a driving course such as the Pass Plus programme.

This course will teach you how to drive under different driving conditions. It covers night driving, town driving, motorway driving, all-weather driving and a few more driving situations.

Insurance companies regard the Pass Plus programme as a sign that you are more experienced and better trained, and therefore less of a risk.

For this reason many insurance companies will offer you discounts of 20 to 30 percent of your premiums.

Limit the amount of hours you drive. There are several insurance companies for young people that will give breaks for low mileage on your vehicle.

Avoid the temptation to make modifications to your vehicle. Insurance companies hate dealing with modified vehicles because modifications make the car more appealing to thieves. They are also more expensive to repair. The result is extra cost on your premiums.

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The single most significant thing you can do to keep costs down is to avoid powerful new cars and instead buy a small, second hand, inexpensive vehicle. Small cars cost less, travel at lower speeds and so are less likely to be involved in accidents and do less damage if they are in a collision.

They are much cheaper to replace or get repaired also. Another factor connected with your choice of vehicle is the insurance group that your car belongs to.

Insurance premiums will relate directly to the insurance group your car is in, so go for a car that is in one of the lower groups.

Follow these basic tips and shop around online, and you should be able to reduce the cost of young drivers insurance significantly.

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