Insurance tips for women
Insurance tips for women: pixabay

Insurance tips for women – finding the right car insurance – Hints and tips

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The Association of British Insurers records the average cost is 1200 US Dollar for an insurance claim made by a woman aged between 30 and 50.

For men in the same age group 1450 is the average claim amount. For younger drivers the variance is much greater say the ABI.

Insurance tips for women
Insurance tips for women: pixabay

A 17 to 19-year-old female drivers’ average claim is 2734, but for same age males the average cost is an alarming 4473.

Whether you are renewing your insurance, or have recently purchased a car from a car sales centre in Stoke or elsewhere, as a woman driver what extras or benefits can you be offered by insurance companies?

If something happens you will want things to be sorted out promptly, so likely to be important to you is peace of mind. A courtesy car, while repairs are carried out to your own car, would be advantageous.

Many car sales sites in Stoke have body shops and would offer you a good service, especially if you bought your car from them.

Also comprehensive policies which provide 24-hour claim lines and 24-hour service for replacing or repairing windscreens should be considered.

These kinds of benefits would enable you to stay on the road, which would be hugely helpful if you still need to take the kids to school and you use your car for work.

Car seat replacement
Some policies will replace child car seats and booster seats if they are damaged in an accident or fire, or even stolen from the car. This is something you may feel worth your while to seek out in your cover.

Lock replacement
If you are unlucky enough to misplace or lose your keys, a useful benefit to have under your belt would be a policy that includes lock replacement. This would save you money at the time of the unfortunate incident and would give you that complete peace of mind.

Cover for personal possessions
Levels of personal possessions cover offered is worth taking a good look at too. An excellent personal possession policy will cover you if, for example, your handbag or mobile phone (or both!) is stolen from your car.

There would be terms associated with this, however, mainly being that you had locked your car beforehand.

Uninsured loss recovery help
Before you a purchased cover it may be worthwhile to look if the insurance company offer advice in recovering third party uninsured losses.

This would mean the reassurance of knowing that an accident caused by a third party would result in receiving professional assistance in trying to recover uninsured losses, such as loss of earnings or policy excess. Personal injury claims may also be assisted through some policies.

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Car security
A few simple things to look at that could result in cheaper insurance quotes, of which many car salesmen in Stoke would advise are:- Don’t park your car on the street at night if you can at all avoid it; use your garage if you have one and keep locked at night.

This additional security could certainly lower your premiums.
Added security of your car can also aid the reduction of insurance premiums.

Insurance companies, as well as the car sales center in Stoke you purchased your vehicle from, can recommend security devices that would lower your premium. The best discounts, however, would probably be given for immobilizers and tracking devices.

I hope this article has proved useful and helps you to secure a good level of insurance at a great price.

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